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    CakeyUniverse is a Survival Server for the community to enjoy, and have fun on. In order to make it enjoyable for everyone, we have implemented some rules to keep the server safe and appropriate for all ages.

    Please note that these punishments are TEMPORARY as we are currently awaiting a Punishments plugin. When the plugin is installed and the rules have been updated, we'll be sure to let you know.

    Chat Offences

    Rule Example Punishment
    Spamming Flooding the chat with messages (3+ of the same/similar message in a single chat window, or excessive random characters/words). 1 Day Mute
    Excessive Unicode Using excessive Unicode/ASCII symbols in a single message (5+) 1 Day Mute
    Excessive Arguments Arguing with other users or attempting to start fights/drama. 1 Day Mute
    Player Disrespect Saying things directed towards another user with the intent to hurt or offend them. 1 Day Mute
    Player Harassment Bugging other players in public chat/private messages in an attempt to annoy or disrupt them. 1 Day Mute
    Inappropriate Links Links that direct to explicit or inappropriate content. 3 Day Mute
    Racial/Religious Slurs Saying things related to race/religion that some users may find offensive. 7 Day Mute
    Racial/Religious/Political Disputes Arguing about topics related to race/religion/politics. 7 Day Mute
    Leaking Personal Information Leaking/exposing private information of the server/other users. Permanent Mute
    Advertising Providing an IP to another server in the chat. Permanent Mute
    Excessive Chat Offences Having 30 or more chat offences on your punishment history. Permanent Mute

    Gameplay Offences

    Rule Example Punishment
    Mute Evasion Circumventing a mute to communicate with other users through any means. 7 Day Ban
    Glitch Abuse/Bug Exploit Using a glitch or bug you find to your advantage or for personal gain. 7 Day Ban
    Trolling Attempting to annoy or disrupt the gameplay of other users for personal enjoyment. 7 Day Ban
    Stealing Taking other player's items/gear without their permission. 7 Day Ban
    Griefing Destroying the builds and creations of other users. 7 Day Ban
    Scamming Making a deal with a user and then taking their items/money without fulfilling your end of the deal. 7 Day Ban
    Disruption of Players Getting in the way of other players to prevent them from doing certain things. (Eg. Standing in front of shop sign to prevent them from buying something) 7 Day Ban
    Excessive Gameplay Offences Having 30 or more gameplay offences on your punishment history. Permanent Ban
    Account Phishing Attempting to obtain the credentials to another user's account through any means. (Eg. Free Minecon/Optifine Cape where they are required to input their account info) Permanent Ban

    Client Modification Offences

    Rule Example Punishment
    Aesthetic Mods Using any form of hacked/modified client that is for aesthetic looks. (Eg. Skin Blink, Twerk, Headless, Derp) 7 Day Ban
    Other Hacks Using any form of hacked/modified client that provides you with an unfair advantage over other players outside of pvp. (Eg. Flight, FastPlace, AntiFall, ect.) 14 Day Ban
    PvP-Related Hacks Using any form of hacked/modified client that provides you with an unfair advantage over other players in pvp. (Eg. KillAura, Anti KnockBack, AimBot, Criticals, ect.) 30 Day Ban
    These rules are subject to change at any time without warning, so be sure to check them often for updated/added rules.
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