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    Welcome to the forums, where you can get support from Staff Members or other members of the community. Since we want you to have the best possible experience you can while using the forums, we have implemented a set of rules to keep the forums more organized, appropriate, and safe for everyone.

    Warning Points

    The forums use a different form of punishment for users - Warning Points. Whenever you do something that goes against the rules you will be issued warning points, the amount depending on what rule you broke. If you receive enough warning points, you will be banned on the forums, the lengths are shown below.

    Punishment List

    # of Points Punishment
    3 7 Day Ban
    6 30 Day Ban
    9+ Permanent Ban
    Warning points are permanent. Once you get one you are stuck with it unlesss you get it removed via appeal. If you appeal a warning point after having it for a minimum of 1 Month, it must be removed.

    Punishments (Warning Points)

    Rule Example Punishment
    Post Spamming Making excessive posts/threads that are similar or are related to the same topic. 1 Warning Point
    Useless Posts Creating posts on threads that are in no way related to the main topic. 1 Warning Point
    Mention Spam Mentioning Staff/Members Excessively, spamming them with notifications. 1 Warning Point
    Inappropriate Wall Post Saying inappropriate or rude things on your wall, or the wall of another user. 1 Warning Point
    Inappropriate Images Embedding/Attaching inappropriate or explicit images to posts on the forums or your wall. 1 Warning Point
    Player Disrespect Saying hurtful things directed at another user with the intent to offend them. 2 Warning Points
    Racial/Religious Slurs Saying things related to race and religion that may be offensive to some users. 2 Warning Points
    Account Phishing Attempting to obtain the credentials to another user's account through any means. (Eg. Free Minecon/Optifine Cape) Permanent Ban
    Leaking Personal Information Leaking/exposing private information of the server/other users. 9 Warning Points, Perm. Ban

    Punishments (Miscellaneous)

    Rule Example Punishment
    Appeal Spam* Creating 3+ appeals for the same punishment after being asked to stop. Revoked Appeal Access
    False Appeals* Appealing a punishment you weren't given, or without following the Appeal Format. Must be done more than once. Revoked Appeal Access
    Report Spam* Creating excessive reports on the same user. Revoked Report Access
    False Reports* Reporting users without providing evidence of them breaking rules, or without following the Report Format. Must be done more than once. Revoked Report Access
    Fake Reports** Creating reports with fake/forged evidence with the intent to get the reported user falsely punished. Server Blacklist
    * Only Senior Moderator+ can punish

    ** Only Administrator+ can punish

    These rules are subject to change at any time without warning, so be sure to check them often for updated/added rules.
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