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    Welcome to the Discord Server, a place where you can interact with other members of the community. You can use the Discord to get support from Staff or other members of the community, or you can simply use it to talk with other people and share your ideas/opinions. In order to keep the Discord Server appropriate and safe for all ages, we have set some rules that all players must follow.

    Rule Example Punishment
    Unrelated Discussions Discussing things in channels other than the ones they are intended for. (Eg. Bragging about balance in #support channel) 4 Hour Mute
    Spamming Sending excessive messages with the intent to flood the channel and make it hard for others to communicate. 12 Hour Mute
    Mic Spam* Making loud or annoying noises through the microphone. This includes playing music through the mic. 12 Hour Mute
    Inappropriate Music** Playing/Queueing music that contains excessive explicit language/messages. Swearing is allowed in music as long as it is kept to a minimal. 12 Hour Mute
    Excessive Unicode Using excessive Unicode/ASCII symbols in your messages. 12 Hour Mute
    Excessive Inappropriate Language Swearing excessively (3+ times) in a single message. 12 Hour Mute
    Inappropriate Images Showing images that contain offensive/explicit content. 12 Hour Mute
    Player Harassment Purposely being a nuisance towards other users. 1 Day Mute
    Player Disrespect Saying things directed towards other users with the intent to insult or offend them. 1 Day Mute
    Racial/Religious Slurs Saying things related to race/religion that some user may find insulting or offensive. 7 Day Mute
    Racial/Religious/Political Disputes Arguing excessively about topics related to race/religion/politics. 7 Day Mute
    Mute Evasion Using other methods, such as Reactions, to communicate with other users while muted. 1 Day Ban
    Inappropriate Profile Picture Having an account profile picture that is inappropriate or explicit in any way. Permanent Ban
    Account Phishing Attempting to obtain the credentials to another user's account through any means. (Eg. Free Minecon/Optifine Cape) Permanent Ban
    Leaking Personal Information Leaking/exposing private information of the server/other users. Permanent Ban
    * Only applies to Voice Channels

    ** Only applies to the music text channel

    Please note that we can't punish for what users say in PMs, as it isn't connected to the Server in any way. If a user is harassing you in a PM, the best solution would be to simply block them. However, if a Staff Member is harassing you in PMs, you may still report them as you would a normal player.

    These rules are subject to change at any time without warning, so be sure to check them often for updated/added rules.
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