The BIG Question everyone has been wondering about.. What's going on with PhaseCloud and CakeyUniverse?

First off, I would like to say that while making PhaseCloud for over 1 year, it was fun, but it was also very hard on us due to the fact we had to keep all the servers up, it was a bit unorganized, we didn't know what we were doing, etc.. As some of you may know our hosting "Apex Minecraft Hosting" has shut our servers down due to "scamming"? I don't want to rant, but as you know, we haven't scammed anybody, lol..

Since then, PhaseCloud has kinda died off and now we decided to keep ONE server up and that will be called CakeyUniverse CakeyUniverse is a Survival Server, It will be sort of like CakeyCraft, but not quite..

We are planning bigger things than ever, This time we are organized, we are working as a team, and should have this released by December 1st. This is my goal and hopefully it can be released by then..


I also would like to point out that our IP has changed from '' to ''. Before I go I have one more thing to add.. I am the biggest retard ever.


~ IceTheDev
Hey guys, it's me IceTheDev.. This is our new XenForo Forums Page, its super cool.. If you see any bugs that you would like to report, Please report them in the bug section on the forums! Thanks!

That's really all I have to say! PEACE OUT!